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I am a professional Science, Maths and English tutor and educational consultant. I am also a scientist, offering consultancy in organic chemistry and organic synthesis and methodology.. Syllabuses include AQA, OCR and Edexcel. Science includes Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Maths includes Pure, Further Maths, Mechanics & Statistics.

Contact emails are:
andrew_sergis@me.com or contact@dsacademy.co.uk

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@AndrewSergis Jun 26, 15:16

@geldzat Hello! Many thanks for the Message and link!

@AndrewSergis May 23, 10:44

The Earth is a garden of paradise! https://t.co/fZuTscBsGE

@AndrewSergis May 06, 11:02

I won a trophy today for my speech, from the BNI, a global business organisation! https://t.co/xC8Fa7EOzk

@AndrewSergis Apr 17, 09:35

Fun at Dr Sergis' house! https://t.co/JLLUfgiYNV

@AndrewSergis Apr 02, 11:04

I won a dance competition in Hastings! https://t.co/9zKFkDI8of

@AndrewSergis Apr 02, 11:01

They have great bitter ales at Ye Olde Pumphouse in Hastings! https://t.co/Po8iAUKXOX

@AndrewSergis Apr 02, 10:55

An interesting display of past navigational instruments at the Fisherman's Museum in Hastings! https://t.co/OrH6zc2ooF

@AndrewSergis Apr 02, 10:50

A beautiful view of the horizon in Hastings! https://t.co/d0IeUx8KX2

@AndrewSergis Apr 02, 10:47

The sea always inspires me! https://t.co/Vu7s91DXFv

@AndrewSergis Apr 02, 10:46

The beautiful cliffs in Hastings! https://t.co/WZIs18DdBj

@AndrewSergis Mar 06, 20:12

Happy 16th birthday Sophia! https://t.co/mY2niXZjtK

@AndrewSergis Feb 14, 19:18

Sunday lunch with my girls! https://t.co/gJ96Mq4FJ0

@AndrewSergis Feb 07, 17:27

This is how I like my Turkish/Greek coffee-with class! https://t.co/uv2hgMzczW

@AndrewSergis Jan 30, 19:23

@Merissaouer Thanks for the message.

@AndrewSergis Jan 16, 00:09

@betrtesters Happy New Year to you too-thanks for the video link!

@AndrewSergis Dec 31, 22:18

I wish all my Twitter followers a very happy New Year for 2016! https://t.co/YMPprcJL7D

@AndrewSergis Dec 30, 19:42

I enjoyed my walk by the Southbank Centre today-great view of the Thames River! https://t.co/idTNqgnFOJ

@AndrewSergis Dec 29, 18:45

All wrapped-up for the New Year! https://t.co/lyrgCM4LQs

@AndrewSergis Dec 29, 18:38

All gold at Covent Garden with the kids! https://t.co/HUYI6PPKdw

@AndrewSergis Dec 24, 19:29

I would like to wish all my followers a lovely christmas and a great New Year!

@AndrewSergis Dec 24, 19:18

@betrtesters @AndrewSergis Yes, as a teacher I'd like to try out your free classroom app. Please send me more details.

@AndrewSergis Dec 22, 11:23

The Dr Sergis Academy app is now available to download from apple store on both apple and android devices! - via https://t.co/U8iqscIGFZ

@AndrewSergis Nov 01, 13:34

@paulpoli1969 You're very welcome-nice to know you're from GC Forest & Co; very best wishes!

@AndrewSergis Sep 17, 19:09

Another view of Limassol Marina! http://t.co/Z9BgZb1ryn

@AndrewSergis Sep 17, 15:10

My friend Stelios in Limassol! http://t.co/0YKjYGx0ya

@AndrewSergis Sep 17, 15:05

Limassol Marina is beautiful! http://t.co/1P4rtvT5nA

@AndrewSergis Sep 17, 15:03

Back in Cyprus with my convertible! http://t.co/rnLmHCayb5

@AndrewSergis Aug 31, 14:28

Neo-classical architecture at its best! http://t.co/ZaqbO2lup3

@AndrewSergis Aug 31, 14:23

Inside the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. http://t.co/MGkxAoEod5

@AndrewSergis Aug 31, 14:18

More neo-classical architecture (in Greenwich, of course!). http://t.co/0IJbGXn0K9

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